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Until daylight breaks - a personal message on COVID19

Until daylight breaks – a personal message on COVID19

There is a Greek legend about a pretty woman, called Persephone, daughter of goddess Demetra who was such a source of joy and light that she became the goddess of Spring. But one day, as she was playing in a flower meadow, a wedge in the Earth’s crust opened, and out emerged Hades from his darkness, who forcefully abducted beautiful Persephone. With Persephone gone, the Earth plunged into cold and darkness. The trees lost their leaves, flowers withered and died, and the land become bare and desolate. But the outcry on both Earth and Olympus was such that Zeus himself decided to intervene, forcing Hades to return Persephone to Earth. The sun and the Earth rejoiced, ushering in a season of warmth and renewal. SPRING! And even if the seasons cycle back into a cold winter, equally inevitably, Spring returns, and daylight breaks.

Yes, the world does descend regularly into darkness. But we reject the inevitability of gloom, the exile of light. Even when the night seems long, let us find warmth in kindness. Let us find together that “hidden light” that can illuminate our noblest aspirations and our most compassionate hopes.

Let us rejoice, because even when light seems lost, it’s always just one little candle away.

We have opened up dates in September through December by postponing our family vacation which was going to take place during that period, in order to be able to better serve couples.

I am taking this period for personal reflection, spending quality time with my wife and our two children, learning new skills that will improve my photography, including an online makeup course, catching up with reading, and launching my new print shop and a new charitable initiative related to pediatric cancer. Meanwhile I remain fully available to my couples, and everyone in the industry who may wish to have a video chat with me for some mutual encouragement.

In response to the crisis, we have opened up dates in September through December, by postponing our family vacation, in order to be able to better serve couples during these difficult times. Please do not hesitate to connect with me.

Stay well, my dear friends, until daylight returns!

Love, Andreas
Welcome! My name is Andreas and I am a luxury destination wedding photographer, and editorial photographer. For me there is nothing more gorgeous than weddings overflowing with style, chic couples in love, and beautiful destinations around Europe!
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