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Stately Mediterranean Wedding in Cyprus, inspired by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus at Anassa

Stately Mediterranean Wedding in Cyprus, inspired by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus at Anassa

Photography: Andreas K. Georgiou @andreaskgeorgiou
Design, styling & coordination: @flambouayia_events_cy & @andreaskgeorgiou
Venue: @anassa_resort
Florals: @flambouayia_events_cy
Invitations, stationary and paper goods: @redgrasscy
Calligraphy: @nadin.hernandez
Watercolour sketches: @sketchingcy
Canapes: @anassa_resort
Handmade headpiece: @lovely.elysian
Groom’s attire: @kultcy @dolcegabbana @etro @gucci
Bride’s styling: @andreaskgeorgiou
Bride’s dress: @primalicia
Makeup: @artemis_promakeupartist
Hair: @lefki_themistokleous
Bride’s shoes: @casadeiofficial
Jewelry: @yiotis_jewellery
Groom’s watch: @breitling
Favors: @remissus_skin_essentials
Handmade plates: @el.arte_ceramics
Cigars: @thecygarshop

With a history riddled in ancient riches, the landscape and Mediterranean climate of Cyprus means that outside is where it’s at – and where you should be. Welcome to one of the Meditteranean sea’s finest, most iconic hotel, which straddles the sunniest corner of the North-West Coast. When the bougainvilleas operatically shed the first crimson leaves of the year, which spread like bloodstains over the immaculate gardens at Anassa Resort, it heralds the beginning of summer.

As the palm-dotted resort is frequented by superstars the likes of Emma Thompson, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, and royalty like Prince Albert of Monaco and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, one can expect to see very few styled-shoots taking place in its premises. In fact, there have only been two within its 21 years of establishment, this one being the second.

The inspiration

When we teamed up with Flambouayia Events we had one very specific concept in mind. To envelop the resort’s sun-kissed exchange in an utterly chic wedding inspiration that would speak the very core of elegance a couple is to discover on the island of Goddess Aphrodite. Botticelli’s Birth of Venus which actually took place on this very location according to the legend, was our first thread, hence our main hue, the elegant naturalistic peach. We drew from the nuances and subtleties of the artwork and then moved on to refocus on the modern bride, who clearly adores timeless elegance, yet also wishes to have fun.

The Invitation Suite and Vows

RedGrass teamed up with calligrapher Nadin Hernandez to render our Victorian invitations. As we all love everything fashion we made sure we included both the bride and groom’s trousseau’s but also their love letters (vows).

The Favors

We chose to present these stylish hand painted watercolour mementos of Cyprus in fine paper as a gift to the guests. The drawings were created by Anassa’s own resident artist.

The Sweets and Canapes

Cyprus is known for its delicacies and island’s particular geographic location has brought in a mix of Greek, Turkish, and Arabic culinary influences. We could not omit including some of its most famous native delicacies, including fresh figs and sweet preserves made of apricot, walnuts and concentrated grape juice. The gorgeous amuse bouche was  prepared by Anassa’s multi-awarded chefs.

The Ceremony and Portraits

The weddings at Anassa usually take place if front of its picturesque Byzantine Church. For the first time in Anassa’s wedding history, Flambouayia Events decided to position the couple’s ceremony at the Roman Gardens, where linear medieval bath architecture, ornate fountains and springs create a romantic ambiance soaked in a milky light. Here, a battalion of gardeners trim the Roman Gardens and decorate window boxes with celebratory geraniums and begonias, the mosaics of pools across the massive Anassa estate sparkle under the sun, and the marbled floors teem with pashmina and aviator sporting elegant guests.

With its aqua waters and verdant woodland, set against the vertical scene of imposing cliffs in the distance, the Akamas peninsula has been praised for its beauty for centuries. Enjoying this lyrical landscape from Anassa’s patios made for a perfect match to this equally exquisite celebration.

The shooting began with the bridal portraits under Anassa’s Byzantine-inspired interior arched hallways.

For the ceremony a crescent arch was placed along with velvet furnishings and a Persian carpet before the garden’s central spring.

The dinner setup

The dinner took place at the Sunrise Patio. We wanted to have something that would be equal parts soft and sensual, refined and welcoming. Cyprus is known for its multiplicity and juxtapositions, and our palette, the creamy peach, topped with marigold, periwinkle, wine, and mint, could not make for a better allusion. Foraged dry conium flowers, which is characteristically abundant in Paphos, delphinium, hydrangea, English roses, dried plane leaves, phytolacca Americana, and dry asparagus fern were thoughtfully paired into stately arrangements. We added dimension by contrasting the lighter colors on the tabletop with green copper oxide dinnerware which was custom-made for the occasion, drawing inspiration from the copper veins that abound in the area.

Love, Andreas
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