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Apulian charm and Italian ease - an idyllic bridal inspiration shoot in Masseria Montenapoleone

Apulian charm and Italian ease – an idyllic bridal inspiration shoot in Masseria Montenapoleone


Welcome to the Masseria Montenapoleone, an idyllic Mediterranean haven in the middle of Italy’s vineyards – and the perfect place for this stylish and whimsical bridal inspiration designed by wedding designer and stylist Joy Proctor.

Joy Proctor’s impeccable aesthetic paid homage to Puglia’s rich natural beauty and natural history, as well as the unpretentious charm of the area. The Apulian peninsula, surrounded by the Ionian and Adriatic seas is where ancient olive groves amble over hills stretching into crystal-clear waters. Lovingly-restored, bohemian, family-run Masserias, such as the Masseria Montenapoleone, set the stage for luxurious weddings with a hearty dose of fresh Italian food and homemade wine to wash down the feast! The Masseria Montenapoelone was indeed the perfect embodiment of this area, ensconced in the heart of century-old olive plains, with acres natural vegetation and endless vineyards of the ancient Susumaniello grape.

We photographed our captivating bride in the centennial olive orchard overlooking the sea. Our bride embodied elements of the colors and textures of the editorial. Puglia was born out of the azure waters millions of years ago, as is still visible by the abundance of fossil shells still found in the fields. Our bride’s gorgeous billowing gown by Elizabeth Dye moved in the wind like the water on the sea, a symbolism of Puglia’s aquatic history. Her earrings too, by Twigs and Honey, echoed the wildflowers that adorn the Masseria, while the bride’s bouquet was made of roses and local foliage native to Puglia, including laurel leaves.

The table also brought the beauty of the Masseria to life. The entire tablescape feels alive and is a homage to the Olive orchard meadow and a celebration of the colour and beauty of wildflowers with hues of creme, light blue, blush, yellow, lavender and peach, peppered with local flora such as lavender and rosemary greens. Everything is set atop a gorgeous white linen which adds to the entire organic feel. All these elements conjured up a heavenly light and organic dinner table.

The whimsical invitations by Shhh my Darling are the perfect combination of elegance, playfulness, and Italian ease. The blue emphasises the aquatic importance in Puglia, while agricultural and floral elements emphasise the connection of the region with its rich land. The cake as well was a beautiful representation of the natural environment and the wild flowers that adorn the earth.

Among other fantastic vendors, floral designer Flower Addict Angelica, was inspired by the blossoming beauty of Apulia to bring to life a gorgeous S-shaped botanical corridor in front of the ceremony area. The corridor is lined with wildflowers and local greens, thus effortlessly picking up on the natural colors of the surroundings. The corridor leads to a seating area comprised of linen-covered benches under a canopy of pine treas. The whispering melody that rolls off the pine needles in a gentle wind, combined with the scent of pine, wild rosemary and oleanders, all creating a multi-sensory experience that is so quintessentially Apulian!

Love, Andreas
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