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Choosing your dream bridal bouquet for your Wedding

Choosing your dream bridal bouquet for your Wedding

Ah, the bouquet! When I’m photographing a wedding, if the bride has a gorgeous bouquet, I can make the day look  like there were beautiful  florals everywhere!  I can use the bridal bouquet to spruce up bridal details, reception details AND even bride and groom portraits as well!

I recommend making your bridal bouquet a big priority!

The bridal bouquet is a focal point for me when it comes to your photography, and so I highly recommend investing in your DREAM bouquet, while, if necessary, investing less on the bridesmaids bouquets since they will not be photographed nearly as much!

The size

As always, I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a wedding planner in order to help you with all the decisions, including the perfect choice of a bouquet!

Wedding bouquets come in various sizes and shapes. Some bouquets are short and sweet, others are trailing and large. If you already have a planner (which I highly recommend), they will assist you in the process of selecting the bouquet for you. In case you have opted for a more DIY approach, the most important factor to consider is that the gown and flowers should match one another. Your florist will not only coordinate the colours and style of the bouquet with the rest of the decor, but will also consider its shape and size to be proportionate and matching in style with the gown and the shape of your body as well.

The ribbon

The romantic finish to your bouquet can be strands of glorious silks or a simple satin wrap. I cannot stress the matter of the bouquet’s ribbon enough.

Beautiful, hand-dyed, loose ribbons cascading off of artfully asymmetric bouquets can be a thing of beauty. Of course, not all bouquets will have a cascading ribbon (some of my favorite florists favor tightly tied stems, and they are a thing of beauty). If your bouquet is romantic and almost old-world (a combo I am really fond of), please adorn them with the prettiest ribbon you (or your florist) can get your hands on. I highly suggest a hand-dyed silk ribbon of 5cm width (1 meter length, for a cascading ribbon). It will make a world of difference, as it moves elegantly in the wind, not to mention it photographs almost like liquid gold!

When selecting a ribbon’s colour, it is important that you coordinate its colour with the bouquet. The perfect ribbon for a sunset bouquet of dusty sweetpeas and vibrant orchids is the softest peach, while a large bouquet of lilac that looks freshly picked doesn’t need anything else but simple, complementary gray ribbon. If you want to make one particular flower in your bouquet the focal point, then tie the entire arrangement together with a silk ribbon that matches that bloom’s hue.

The style

There are so many beautiful styles of bouquets! Some of them are:

  • The cascade, a very stylish form of bouquet in which flowers look as if they are flowing over the bride’s hands
  • The nosegay is a more structured bouquet, consisting of a small, tightly packed group of flowers, all cut to the same length.
  • The Biedermeier bouquet is named after a European style of interior design and is similar to a nosegay in structure
  • The Pomander, which is relatively unusual and is a sphere or ball of flowers carried by a loop of ribbon.

Indeed, the bouquet is an extension of yourself, and I daresay it is as important as your dress. There are hundreds of flowers plastered all over the church and the reception hall but the bouquet held by the bride is always deemed the prettiest and most important. A stunning bouquet will elevate portraits!

Bonus Tip: Ask your florist for extra clippings. Be sure your florist sets aside some additional stems and flowers for your photographer to use in detail photos.

Love, Andreas
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