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Practical tips for rescheduling weddings due to COVID19

Practical tips for rescheduling weddings due to COVID19

Let me start with my own prediction that I believe that soon we will be looking at a busy summer and autumn 2020, with lots of gorgeous and joyful weddings! But if your wedding falls within Spring 2020, it is generally advisable to move your date towards Fall 2020 (you can also read our other article on why it is best to keep your wedding within 2020 rather than cancel it towards 2021).

In this article I would like to talk about the logistics of postponing your wedding.


Though you should definitely discuss this with your wedding planner, you might need to expect an extra cost that will emerge from replanning your wedding day. Unfortunately it is, in most cases, difficult for a business to support planning two events for the price of one, and this is probably something that will be mostly the case for events moved to 2021. Please be mindful when considering a postponement or cancellation. It can be easy to assume that this is an easy exchange, but as significant changes need to be made, vendors may need to be compensated for their extra work, despite all their best efforts to keep additional costs to the minimum. Also, please keep in mind that vendors may ask additional fees if you move your wedding in 2021, to reflect any service increases made for 2021 bookings.


Upon talking with many vendors you should not expect to receive deposits or retainers back. Rather, you can expect that your balance will not be charged until the new scope of work is established and the event is rescheduled. By postponing within 2020, you are repurpose the investments you’ve already made. Indeed, the deposits are in place because the person you hired has already done a solid amount of the work required to date, and refunding deposits is not very common within the business. Please remember that every person you’ve hired for your event is a small business, who have already had expenses and invested time towards making your wedding day is impeccable and have had to decline other work in order to keep your wedding date. All couples need to therefore understand that returning deposits is unviable, but for sure, the investment already made will not be lost as the wedding is being postponed to the next months.


First, run any new dates you’re entertaining by your planner and key vendors: that is, the vendors that can only be in one place at one time: your band, photographer, officiant, etc. Many of the vendors focus their season from March to September. However, many vendors had to open September to December in order to accommodate for postponements due to the pandemic. Many venues have also opened up weekdays and therefore there is availability. In my case, I postponed our family vacation in Autumn 2020 in order to be able to cater for my couples’ postponements. All vendors are going to be willing to help as long as you talk to them early on. Please have a few possible dates for them rather than just one.

There is no need to rebrand all your signage and paper goods with new dates, and you don’t have to print new invitations.

If your invitations have already gone out, call or email your guests early on. It reduces anxiety on everyone’s part. As for invitations going out in the coming months, it may be best to include a note about a possible change of date!

There is no need to rebrand all your signage and paper goods with new dates, and you don’t have to print new invitations. You can call your guests or even email them, but let them know sooner rather than later that things are being rescheduled.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, share your own experiences with weddings during COVID19, or any helpful advice you would like to share with other couples!

Love, Andreas
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