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I have a decade of experience as a portrait photographer, working with high-end clients from over 50 countries. I have have received my training by three of the top photographers in the world: Sue Bryce, Paulina Duczman, and Felix Kunz.

I fell in love with wedding photography the past few years and I have already photographed weddings in several countries, from chic island elopements to lux chateau weddings. Though the bulk of my work is destination, as of 2019 I am photographing more and more in my home country, Cyprus.

As a Wedding Photographer I have mentored under some of the top wedding photographers in the US and Europe: Ashley Brown, Tracy Burch, Kelli Lynn, Gianluca Adovasio, and Sotiris Tsakanikas.

My aim when I photograph weddings is to capture the couple’s connection, and photograph them as the best version of themselves.

I studied Cognitive Science and Neuroscience at Cambridge University, where I received a Masters degree, and subsequently at Harvard University where I studied for a PhD. But all this is ancient history since I decided to follow my first love: photography. Somewhere in between I had a corporate job, in mobile technology R&D!

I have my own shot list when it comes to wedding details, such as the rings, the gown, and decor details.

From you I would like a list of the important people you would like me to photograph and the specific group photos you would like me to take. Think about the family groupings that are important to you, as well as groups of individuals from special moments in your life, like your college or childhood friends.

Also, please let me know about any special features of your wedding, such as a surprise performance or fireworks, sparkler exits, and any other fun details you might have planned. I will make sure to get the perfect shot.

Rain is actually a huge photo opportunity (and so are gorgeous dramatic cloudy skies)! Yes your wedding photos will probably have a lot of umbrellas but that just adds a lot more character to them!

I accept a very small number of weddings per year to keep it fresh! I want to be fully present at every wedding I shoot, and avoid mass production and creative fatique.

Destination and international weddings are my specialty! Because of my vast experience or destination weddings, I am able to offer one simple, all inclusive pricing for my destination clients. I also offer pre-wedding sessions, day after session, or rehearsal dinner coverage.

The majority of our couples hire me without a face-to-face meeting so this isn’t a problem. I am pretty quick on email and are available by phone or Skype. I use Skype a lot and can work around any time-zone.

Yes you do! You will first receive an online gallery with smaller files ideal for viewing and sharing online with friends and family, and then you will also receive a beautiful USB package containing your gallery of hand-crafted digital images in hi-resolution, suitable for printing at any shop. I really love the editing process and edit all my work personally (I am proud I do not outsource any parts of my creative process), with fine attention to colour and detail.

Absolutely. I consider formal family portraits very important and we always make enough time for them. I photograph grandparents like we’d want my own grandparents photographed, and parents how I myself would want to be photographed at my own kid’s weddings someday.

Please rest assured that you are in good hands!

The experience of being photographed matters as much as the images themselves! I aim to create images that evoke emotions, rather than imitate preconceived poses I saw on Pinterest.

Looking at a picture and recalling how you were genuinely enjoying yourself while being photographed is important to my, and I will always go that extra mile to connect with my couples in a way that makes them feel at ease with me!

I photograph both film and digital, depending on the lighting conditions and how much time we have in my disposal. On your wedding day, I will mostly shoot digital as it allows for lower light captures and working faster. During bridal portraits and editorials, where I have the luxury of time, I shoot both film and digital. I absolutely love the luminous and raw quality of film, and I strive to achieve its look even when shooting digital. At the same time, I love digital photography for the sophistication it brings with regards to post-processing.

I keep photos really clean and structured, with an airy feel to them, and a representation of colour that is closer to real life. I believe that when you, and your planner, dedicate time, effort, and money on finding the perfect colour palette, then it is my obligation to capture it in its real-life colours as much as possible.

The three words that describe my style are: Contemporary, romantic, and timeless.

As professional photographers, I get asked to photograph all over Cyprus and Europe. Should your venue be new to me, I will ensure we either visit it beforehand or that I arrive early so as to feel comfortable with the surroundings, locate the best backdrops and light for photography, make wet weather contingencies and also chat with staff so I become aware of any restrictions. I take pride in my ability to adjust easily to new surroundings.

I always dressed in a charcoal-gray, black, or dark blue suit, and white shirt. I wish to blend in with your guests as much as possible. I believe appropiate dresscode is a matter of respect to you and your guests. If you have a specific dress code at your wedding, please do let me know.

I take the utmost care in our editing process, still, I are proud of our very fast turnaround! You will receive your online gallery with a curated collection of edited images in just 4 weeks.

No two weddings are the same. Therefore, instead of inflexible packages, I offer a sur-mesure method where you can hand-craft your ideal Collection.

Please connect with me and I would be happy to send you my investment booklet, and help you create a Collection just for you!

The “first look” is something we really love and encourage our couples to do on their wedding day. It involves the two of you seeing each other for the first time, alone, and you can then carry on into your portrait session before the ceremony.

It’s a great way to soak into the day and have some extra time together, and contrary to what anyone might tell you, not unfashionable in the least.

Don’t worry, we deal with this issue frequently. We are very calm, mellow people who tend to blend into the background seamlessly. Usually, our couples are totally at ease with us within the first half-hour of shooting. The only time you’ll really be aware of the cameras is during the family or group portraits, during which we offer gentle and creative guidance and suggestions for the best shots. Just be yourselves. We’ll do the rest.

Also, that is what an engagement shoot is for! An engagement shoot is a chance to help us build rapport with you. You will learn your good angles and we will find them on you!

I can absolutely provide video through my trusted collaborators.

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