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Fine art Wedding, Engagement & Anniversary Photography by Cyprus Wedding photographer Andreas K. Georgiou - Sky clouds Mykonos Greece

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

Giving back

Sic Parvis Manga /Greatness from small beginnings/


In 2017 we created “Shine A Light”, Cyprus’ first photography charity, as a way to give back to the community that has been so kind to us. Through Shine A Light we donate up to two photo-shoots per month to some very deserving families with children with special needs. We wish to make people smile when sometimes it is hard to and to take their minds off of things for a while. As with all our photos, they will capture beautiful, happy images that celebrate childhood. The emphasis of our portraits is not the special needs in itself.

Images created through this project are also meant to be a powerful plea to diversity, a reminder that being different is far from something negative or taboo. If you wish to nominate a family with a child with special needs for a donated photo-shoot, please get in touch with us!

Shine a light
Wedding, Engagement & Anniversary Photography by Cyprus Wedding photographer Andreas K. Georgiou - Rhodes, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Mykonos - Elysium, Anassa, Columbia, Dafermou, Parklane, Minthis Hills, Lapatsa


We constantly strive to, not only be ecologically responsible in our business and our everyday lives, but also to facilitate the causes most dear to our hearts as animal lovers and devoted conservationists.

Lady, our own furry best friend is a rescue. In addition, we are proud to be contributing several charities for the protection of animal rights, with a special emphasis on the Asian and African Elephants. We combine our passion for conservationism and photography, in order to spread the word about this magnificent creature. We yearly donate to charities that contribute to keeping these creatures in the wild, where they belong.

The Fine Art Printshop

The Fine Art Printshop and Digital Repository is a curated limited series of images from Andreas K. Georgiou’s personal archive, from all the impactful vistas where Andreas travels every year for his wedding and editorial work. All profits from the Fine Art Printshop are donated to charity.


Pay it forward

Spread the goodwill through your own wedding

A list of charities to get you started

If you are looking to give back through your own celebration, please consider some of these heartwarming causes that can help you spread the goodwill: