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Finding your dream wedding dress

Finding your dream wedding dress

Photography: Andreas K. Georgiou
Design: Andreas K. Georgiou
Gowns & headpieces: Mariancchi Bridal
Shoes & jewelery: Private collection
Behind-the-scenes photography: Alexia Themistocleous (Sweetmama Photography) 


Finding your dream gown can be a daunting task! After all, with all eyes on you, there can be so much pressure to make the right decision! It may also feel like there’s a whole new vocabulary to decipher — A-line, mermaid, french lace, organza, tulle, fit and flare, trumpet, sheath! Additionally, more brides than ever are opting to purchase 2 dresses – a formal one for the ceremony and a danceable one for the party – which doubles the task!

The best idea is to start the selection process by going to salons and trying on gowns. But if you still can’t decide on the “one” wedding dress, perhaps a less traditional methodology can help! This is exactly what our bride, Marianna, did! Marianna, came up with a fun project to help her decide on her dream gown!

In Marianna’s own words:

“Instead of choosing a wedding gown because it is fashionable, I knew that how I feel and look in a dress is paramount to me! My idea was to ask wedding photographer, Andreas K. Georgiou, to design a photoshoot for me in order to see how each dress looks on me in various angles and poses! I really did not want to put all my trust in the mirror, because the mirror can lie – but a camera does not.

Andreas chose the ruins of a 15th-century gothic church as our canvas and added props that complimented the unique character of each gown: from an antique Rococo-inspired armchair in the center of the nave to a swing adorned with flowers. Surrounded by century-year-old olive groves and mesmerizing cicada serenades, this was one of the most dreamy experiences I ever had! Not only was the shoot so much fun, but the gorgeous gallery became the perfect excuse to host a fun strawberries and champagne “reveal party” for my besties! The gallery was kept a secret, even from me, until the official reveal! You can imagine all the “Ohs” and “Ahs” during the slideshow!

With the help of her besties, Marianna finally made her mind on a luxurious royal gown made from organza and flowery lace pictured last in the gallery.

And here is the gorgeous dress Marianna selected! Does she not look absolutely stunning in it?

Love, Andreas
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