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Why keep your wedding within 2020!

Why keep your wedding within 2020!

You chose 2020 to be your year, and it can be! Perhaps with a postponement, but, still your year nevertheless!

This is one of those times that all of us in the wedding industry are more united than ever, banding together to make certain your wedding takes place within 2020!

So here is my advise to you! Opt for a new date this year, rather than look further ahead to 2021! There are many benefits for this!

After talking with tens of vendors in the industry, the industry on the whole is prepared to band together to help you keep your event into 2020! First of all, it is perfectly ok to postpone to a weekday wedding if necessary. Weekday weddings will be the new thing for 2020 and there is nothi

ng wrong with an everyday wedding, especially if your guests are coming from abroad anyway. Venues around the world are ready to accommodate everyday weddings!

Then, staying within 2020 means not losing momentum! Keeping the event in 2020 means you can keep your venue, décor, dress, and design in place. There is no need to redesign the entire event! Indeed, staying within 2020 is the best way to keep your dream team on board for your wedding, even if that means and choosing a weekday!

Additionally, there is the matter of retainers/ deposits and any other payments you have already made. As top photographer Jose Villa tells us: “I normally do 20 weddings per year, and […though some are postponed later into 2020] none are cancelled—and that’s the way to go, because their retainers will apply for their future events.”

And indeed, if you want to do something very positive for the community, then by staying into 2020 provides life support for many vendors who rely on their booked events for income. Postponing into 2021 could leave a venue or another vendor unable to support your event come next year.Businesses know this and will reward you with fantastic service and an event to remember if you simply stay within 2020!

At the end of the day we will come back from this and people will want to celebrate more than ever. People will come together again, and once this happens, there will be dancing and laughters and hugs.

Remember, we are all here to make 2020 your year and that a small delay is nothing compared to a lifetime together!

Love, Andreas
Welcome! My name is Andreas and I am a luxury destination wedding photographer, and editorial photographer. For me there is nothing more gorgeous than weddings overflowing with style, chic couples in love, and beautiful destinations around Europe!
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