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Meet Andreas

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Life takes us on unexpected journeys...

Although for a long time I thought I would be a neuroscientist, I eventually left the ivory towers of Cambridge University and Harvard to follow my first love: photography. As an eight-year-old, I was enamoured with a Mamiya rangefinder film camera. Today, as a fine-art photographer and as an unrepentant romantic, I’m still committed to working with both the digital and film mediums. I live in Cyprus, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, with my wife, photographer Alexia Themistocleous (sweetmamaphoto.com), and our two children (4 and 6). As a cultural omnivore, my interests are as eclectic as the island we’ve made our home: riding my horse, impressionism, playing jazz on the piano, interior design, and fashion. I’m happiest when I’m on the move, whether sauntering through the bright piazzas, narrow calles, and half-sunk stairs of Venice, or taking Lady (our dog) for a walk. When Alexia and I are not on adventures with our two children, you might find us rustling up a Tartiflette Savoyarde or drinking a Spritz Veneziano looking out over the Mediterranean. As I have discovered, each couple is its own world – a tapestry of shared tastes, memories, and laughter. It’s my privilege to tease out the threads of those histories in a shoot which is both visually exquisite and radiantly true to your individuality as a couple.

I am truly happy and privileged that my life’s work is dedicated to the fine pursuit of magic and beauty, capturing love in every seductive place across the world, in the US, Cyprus, Tuscany, the French Riviera, Provence, Puglia, Rome, Athens, Prague, Vienna, Mykonos, the UK, Turkey, and the Greek Isles being among them.

Behind the lens

Andreas serves a discerning clientele around the globe, in pursue of beauty and utmost romance! He has a decade of experience as a high-end portrait photographer, working with clients from over 20 countries. He received his training by three of the top photographers in the world: Sue Bryce, Paulina Duczman, and Felix Kunz. He fell in love with wedding photography the last two years, and his unique, crisp, timeless style and professionalism have already made him a highly sought-after wedding photographer in both Cyprus and Europe. Andreas has photographed weddings in several countries, from chic island elopements to lux chateau weddings. As a wedding photographer, Andreas received his training from some of the top wedding photographers in the US and Europe: Ashley Brown, Tracy Burch, Kelli Lynn, Sotiris Tsakanikas, Laura Gordon, Gianluca Adovasio and Sandra Aberg. Andreas has had the pleasure and privilege of photographing the beautiful creations of a coterie of the world’s finest wedding smiths, including celebrity planner Joy Proctor, Tigerlily, Splendid Events, Golden Apple, The Wedding Boutique Italy, to mention but of few.

Fine art Wedding, Engagement & Anniversary Photography by Cyprus Wedding photographer Andreas K. Georgiou - lockdown fine art portrait published in the White Wren

What inspires me

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Our volunteering work

Both Alexia and do our best to give back to the community that has been so good to us, and encourage others to do so as well. You can find out more here

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Our Family

I went from married to parenthood all while maintaining this business. My wife, Alexia, is a constant stream of creativity, mutual mentorship, tenderness and strength. Together, we are doing our best to run our businesses in a way that will inspire our two kids, Demetra and Alkiviades, to do whatever they choose with passion and a great sense of responsibility! Meet our family in Venice!

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Travelling wild

My heart sings when I travel! My wife and I have traveled in four continents and even back-packed Europe. I 'd like to think that I photograph less with my camera and more with the experiences I collect at each magical place I travel to.