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      Things I like: Horse-riding, Interior design, Fashion, and an occasional Old-fashioned

      Life takes us on unexpected journeys.

      Although for a long time I thought I would be a neuroscientist, I eventually left the ivory towers of Cambridge University and Harvard to follow my first love: photography. As an eight-year-old, I was enamoured with an Olympus rangefinder film camera. Today, as a fine-art photographer and as an unrepentant romantic, I’m still committed to working with film.

      I founded Embrace Visuals with my wife, the photographer Alexia Themistocleous, as well as its Cyprus-based sister company, Sweetmama Portrait, which has clients from over 50 countries.

      We are based on Cyprus, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean. Roaming around Cyprus, you’ll find honeyed wheat fields, hundred-year-old olive groves, ancient pillars and ruins. Here the colours are always vivid and the summer breeze is laced with seaweed and iodine – the smell of the sea!

      My interests are as eclectic as the island we ’ve made our home: riding my horse, impressionism and Old Masters, jazz piano, interior design and fashion. As a cultural omnivore, I’m happiest when I’m on the move, whether sauntering through the bright piazzas, narrow calles, and half-sunk stairs of Venice, or taking Lady (our dog) for a walk. When Alexia and I are not on adventures with our two children – four and six -, you might find us rustling up a Tartiflette Savoyarde or drinking a Spritz Veneziano looking out over the Mediterranean.

      As we have discovered, each couple is its own world – a tapestry of shared tastes, memories, and laughter. It’s our privilege to tease out the threads of those histories in a shoot which is both visually exquisite and radiantly true to your individuality as a couple.

      I look forward to being your guide, as we join together to create something timeless and meaningful.


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      I grew up surrounded by photographs from my upbringing in South Africa, and a deep admiration for photographers and their art. I was particularly fond of four compatriot photojournalists going by the name the Bang Bang Club, whose autobiography I have read more times than I can remember.

      My first camera was a present from Andreas, before we even got married. This camera gave us plenty of excuses to travel in and out of Cyprus. Just like Andreas I started this journey the furthest from photography, as a high-flying auditor in an international company.

      So far, I have photographed tens of newborns and families from so many countries! With Andreas we have photographed the CEOs of international corporations, politicians, famous footballers, artists, other photographers, and even a real astronaut! I am so proud there have been families that came to Cyprus just to be photographed by Andreas and me, and this is such an enormous honour!

      The people we have photographed come from diverse backgrounds, and lead such different lives. But when they hold their kids in their arms, you see how we are all the same deep down – pure, innocent, tender. I fall in love with human-kind every time I photograph people holding their children.

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      Our 2019 Travel Destinations

      Rhodes Island, Greece
      Mykonos Island, Greece
      London, UK
      Athens, Greece
      Prague, Czechia
      Rome, Italy

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      We are Andreas and Alexia, a husband and wife team working together for almost as long as we have been married. We both left our careers – Alexia was a high-flying auditor and Andreas was getting a doctorate from Harvard – to start this crazy and beautiful adventure.

      Our dream since the beginning of our adventure has been to photograph the two things we’re most passionate about: Love and Family!

      We photograph Family through Sweetmama Portrait, our oldest ‘baby’. We are proud Sweetmama has grown into the premier provider of luxury portrait photography in Cyprus with clients from over 50 countries!

      We photograph Love through Embrace. We create beautiful wedding photography and gorgeously romantic bridal portraits in Cyprus, Italy, France and Greece, and also teach other photographers what we do best.

      We hope to tell truthful stories in a beautiful way that best reflects our clients’ personalities. I would say the best thing about working with us is our ability to make couples comfortable in front of our lenses!

      We are parents of two beautiful children, 4 and 6 years old. We try to live our lives and run our business in a way that will inspire our children to strive to be passionate in whatever they do and to excel in it.

      If you like what you see and think we ‘d make a good match, please reach out!

      Andreas + Alexia

      OLD BIO
      You and I have a lot in common. You are searching for photography with meaning. I am too!

      My life and work have been driven by the search for meaning. Before photography became my metier, I was a researcher in cognitive and brain science at Cambridge University, and then at Harvard. My search for a deeper meaning led me to this beautiful adventure.

      I work with my wife, lifetime companion and business partner, photographer Alexia Themistocleous. Together we seek to balance the curated with the raw, the composed with the real. We also run the Sweetmama Portrait Studio side-by-side, the premier family studio in Cyprus with clients from over 50 countries.

      I started photography on a beautiful film camera at the age of 8. Much of my work is still photographed on film (partly because old habits die hard and because I am a hopeless romantic).

      Alexia and I are parents to two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, 4 and 6 years old, both of whom proud Montessorians. We try to live our lives and run our business in a way that will inspire our children to strive to be passionate in whatever they do and to excel in it.

      When I am not photographing, you will find me riding my horse, spending time with my two children, cooking, and sharing wine and good laughs with Alexia and our friends. I love traveling and, I delight in discovering new cultures and beautiful scapes!

      Giving back

      We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

      In 2017 we created "Shine A Light", Cyprus' first photography charity, as a way to give back to the community that has been so kind to us. Through Shine A Light we donate up to two photo-shoots per month to some very deserving families with children with special needs. We wish to make people smile when sometimes it is hard to and to take their minds off of things for a while. As with all our photos, they will capture beautiful, happy images that celebrate childhood. The emphasis of our portraits is not the special needs in itself.

      Images created through this project are also meant to be a powerful plea to diversity, a reminder that being different is far from something negative or taboo. If you wish to nominate a family with a child with special needs for a donated photo-shoot, please get in touch with us!

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      What inspires us

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      Our relation

      We have been married for almost a decade no. We feel our own relationship is a constant stream of creativity, mutual mentorship, tenderness, strength and fulfilment, and our greatest inspiration when we photograph other couples!

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      We went from married to parenthood all while maintaining this business. We are doing our best to run it in a way that will inspire our two kids, Demetra and Alkiviades, to do whatever they choose with passion and a great sense of responsibility!

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      Travelling wild

      Our heart sings when we travel! We have traveled in four continents and even back-packed Europe! But our favorite places in the world are Tuscany, Venice, and the Loire Valley in France! We 'd like to think that we photograph less with our cameras and more with the experiences we collect from our travels!