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Wedding, Engagement & Anniversary Photography by Cyprus Wedding photographer Andreas K. Georgiou - Rhodes, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Mykonos - Elysium, Anassa, Columbia, Dafermou, Parklane, Minthis Hills, Lapatsa


Alexia Themistocleous

I grew up surrounded by photographs from my upbringing in South Africa, and a deep admiration for photographers and their art. I was particularly fond of four compatriot photojournalists going by the name the Bang Bang Club, whose autobiography I have read more times than I can remember.

My first camera was a present from Andreas, before we even got married. This camera gave us plenty of excuses to travel in and out of Cyprus. Just like Andreas I started this journey the furthest from photography, as a high-flying auditor in an international company.

I am the lead photographer and founder of Sweetmama Portrait, a fine-art Family Photography Boutique based in Cyprus. So far, I have photographed tens of newborns and families from so many countries! With Andreas we have photographed the CEOs of international corporations, politicians, famous footballers, artists, other photographers, and even a real astronaut! I am so proud there have been families that came to Cyprus just to be photographed by Andreas and me, and this is such an enormous honour!

The people we have photographed come from diverse backgrounds, and lead such different lives. But when they hold their kids in their arms, you see how we are all the same deep down – pure, innocent, tender. I fall in love with human-kind every time I photograph people holding their children.

Things I like: Lace, fashion, candles, interior design, haute-cuisine

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