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Sail Away with me - a sailboat elopment

Sail Away with me – a sailboat elopment

On its highest mast a sailor
Whistles a song.

– Odysseas Elytis

By now we have all experienced the effects of the pandemic. It feels like unknown waters. It feels like a storm. In storms, we have but three options. Sink. Swim. Or, be the captain of the ship.

A ship berthed in the harbour may be safe, but ships are not built for the harbour. Just like ships, we are made for much more than just waiting for storms to pass while idling moored in the harbor.

Well Cap’n, this is for you! It is dedicated to the maverick bride and groom who sail they must, who desire to be the captain of their dreams. More than just steering, great Captains chart their course. They create vision and set their sail in the direction of their wildest dreams!

The inspiration behind this elegant sailboat shoot came from a couple of lines in a poem by Odysseas Elytis, the Greek poet whose pen was inspired the most by light and the sea:

The network of islands
And the prow of its foam
And the gulls of its dreams
On its highest mast a sailor
Whistles a song.

Odysseas Elytis

We took the vision and ran with it. When presented with uncharted waters, our couple met the moment with a classy intimate wedding with elevated fashion-forward thinking on the high seas. Our bride wore a sensational Pronovias wedding dress inspired by the elegance of Art Deco featuring a plunging neckline and thigh-high slit, and our groom was dressed in a dapper nautical blazer. At this point, it is worth noting that that we opted for an eco-friendly dress, consistent with our own conservationist philosophy.

From Andreas:
“What does the word ‘sea’ mean to you? For me, it allows an immediate sense of calm to wash over me.

I am an islander, a Cypriot. A word that is as old as the Mycenaeans, with a salty, metallic taste, and the crispy sound of sea shells crackling under calm waves on a sandy beach. On this small rock dotting the Mediterranean, the sea is a connector, not a barrier. We speak a dialect as old as Homer’s Odyssey, a language that murmurs like splashing waves and wind whispering through sails.

This photoshoot represents heritage, a million childhood memories, and another million dreams painted in colours borrowed from the sea.”

A classic sailing boat brings people back to their ancestral roots in a way no other form of transport does. Be it an intimate elopement or a portrait shoot, you’ll be won over by the blend of the white sails against the deep blue sea and will be ready to set sail! If you are romanced by the mediterranean sea and desiring nautical nuptials, then, this is for you!

Love, Andreas
Welcome! My name is Andreas and I am a luxury destination wedding photographer, and editorial photographer. For me there is nothing more gorgeous than weddings overflowing with style, chic couples in love, and beautiful destinations around Europe!
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