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Choosing your dream bridal bouquet for your Wedding

February 21, 2020 / Journal

When I’m photographing a wedding, if the bride has a gorgeous bouquet, I can make the day look  like there were beautiful  florals everywhere! The bridal bouquet is a focal point for me when it comes to your photography, and so I highly recommend investing in your DREAM bouquet! Here are my tips for choosing the perfect bouquet!


How to give back through your own wedding

March 28, 2020 / Journal

From your venue to your vows, your wedding is a unique opportunity for you and your partner to express everything that makes your relationship special. With so many amazing charities and causes, it’s no surprise that couples are finding ways to give back amid the flurry of wedding planning.


Lavish pre-wedding at Don Mansion in the island of Rhodes

June 20, 2019 / Pre-wedding

An exquisite pre-wedding al fresco dinner, impeccably laid with hand-painted ceramic tiles in curling fantasias of blue and carmine, crafted according to Rhodeian tradition and complementing the cut glassware that drink in the Aegean light.


A romantic anniversary at the Lednička Castle in Czechia

December 6, 2019 / Wedding


Zac Posen – White One Fashion photoshoot at Gala Montenapoleone

July 22, 2020 / fashion

A fashion shoot with Zac Posen's bridal gowns and a tribute to my favourite painters and photographers. Inspired by surrealism, modern dance, and film noir, I explored the narrow corridor between fashion and wedding photography.


Elizabeth & Daniel’s Wedding – Mediterranean Luxe Mansion Wedding on Rhodes Island

November 27, 2019 / blog

A wedding is a party, a votive feast, a fairground, a sunny summer. Don Mansion On The Hill in Rhodes, was an obvious choice for this luxurious wedding with a decked pool and its shed, a helipad, a private spa, and every luxury two newlyweds could ask for!


A forest Chateau Wedding

February 22, 2020 / blog


The Four Seasons – ‘Summer’

August 11, 2020 / fashion

Witnessing the different ways the seaside can be translated to design is always a treat: this photoshoot is a unique interpretation of the sea’s goodness: nautiluses, corals, sea plants, fruits de la mer.


Antri Karantoni’s romantic anniversary photoshoot at Ayios Georgios Alamanou

November 23, 2019 / Anniversary

Neoklis and Antri are a special couple. You can feel their love and connection the second you see them walking together; and the way they communicate with a gentle gaze. They celebrated 5 years of marriage with a romantic and intimate anniversary session set at the chalk cliffs of Ayios Alamanos.