Wedding & Anniversary photography for the chic couple in love

      "Through their photography, Andreas and Alexia have the magical ability to turn an ordinary wedding into one that can easily adorn a wedding magazine!"

      The Embrace Couple...

      He loves Ferragamo and she adores Jimmy Choos, but they will both gladly dance barefooty on the sand on a starry night!
      Loves travelling, but will gladly spend Friday nights curled up on the couch with bubbly and movies!
      Takes their Veuve Clicquot out onto the dance floor with them!
      Loves tradition but is not afraid to create their own!
      Signature aesthetic
      Timeless images in gorgeous light and luminous colours

      We try to keep our photos really clean and structured, with an airy feel to them! Our aim is create timeless, painterly images layered in beauty and meaning, images that are more than a trendy glossy for a passing season. Our half-a-decade experience as high-end portrait photographers has informed our photographic style. For us this translates to seeking gorgeous light, and paying attention to detail, raw emotion, and making the couple’s connection the center of our images! We believe that true moments are more powerful than forced sentimentality. Therefore, we never force poses.

      Film & Digital

      We will shoot both film and digital om your wedding day. We will shoot film when there is enough light, usually during outdoor portraits, and digital when light is suboptimal, such during indoor portraits and inside a church. We love the luminous and raw quality of film, which is still unsurpassed by any type of digital cameras, but we also love digital photography for the sophistication it brings with regards to post-processing.

      Having us next to you on your big day

      On your wedding day, we will be there when they need us, but out of your way when you don’t! This is the delicate balance of being discreet while at the same time being there for you! In our eyes, your entire experience needs to be just as flawless as your wedding photos. When looking at the images, we want you to remember how you were genuinely enjoying yourself while being photographed. This is why we always go that extra mile to build trust with our couples and we pride ourselves on our commitment to nurturing a strong meaningful and long-lasting relationship with each of our couples!

      Looking at a picture and recalling how you were genuinely enjoying yourself while being photographed is important to us, and we will always go that extra mile to connect with our couples in a way that makes them feel at ease with us!

      Our approach on family portraits

      We consider formal family portraits on your wedding day very important and we always make enough time for them.

      As Wedding Photographers, we approach every wedding as if it’s for a close friend or family member’s wedding. We photograph grandparents like we’d want our own grandparents photographed, and parents how we ourselves would want to be photographed at our own kid’s weddings someday. Please rest assured that you are in good hands!

      We approach all the relationships tactfully and we make certain capturing these formal portraits is well organised and discussed beforehand, so that little amount of time is required to capture the various combinations of portraits on the day.

      How many weddings do you shoot in a year?

      We accept only 15-20 wedding commissions per year. A small number of weddings means we can give the most to each client. This way, you will enjoy a very personal relation with us, as if you were our only client!

      Where will you be photographing in 2019?

      Do we travel for our work? Of course. Please, don’t be shy about asking us to travel anywhere in the world!

      We have special pricing and considerations for destination weddings. Generally, we need air or ground transit costs, as well as two nights accommodation (the night before the wedding and the night of) covered. We are constantly adding new destinations, as couples book us for their destination weddings and destination engagement and anniversary photoshoots. In 2019 we will be photographing in:

      Cyprus (our home island)
      Rhodes Island
      Mykonos island

      If you happen to be at these locations, please do not hesitate to contact us for a photoshoot, or even just to meet for a coffee!

      The Embrace Collections

      We accept 15-20 wedding commissions per year, and would love to meet to hear more about your love story & wedding!

      Over the years, I’ve learned that the best photography experiences happen when my couples and I really connect. This personal connection is the foundation of our relation. Through it, I will be able to narrate your day through my photographs, in an organic, authentic, real way that will make you remember how you felt in the arms of your better half. I want you to have that!