Wedding and Anniversary portraiture in one-of-a-kind destinations
      ~Cyprus, Greek islands, Italy~

      Wedding & Anniversary



      for the chic couple in love


      A lighthearted date with your loved one before the wedding

      Our Engagement sessions are elegant and editorial, yet fun and natural. We know how to get your true personalities light up in front of our lens.

      You can also use this opportunity as a hair and makeup trial to see how you will look in the wedding photos, and also become more comfortable being photographed.


      A photo-shoot with a hint of poetry

      Adventuring along the coast or walking through the fields, we will create images in a manner that is Romantic, Fun and Editorial (as if they ‘d grace the pages of a magazine).

      While wedding photography captures the fleeting celebration, the After-Wedding portrait session will capture the real, relaxed you: with no time-constraints and stress, you will have time to seep in the romance of it all and express yourselves. By the end of the shoot you will have created a visual narrative of your love for one another.

      Additionally, if the thought of never wearing your dress again puts a tiny crack in your heart, then you can don your gorgeous gown again and enjoy hours of looking fabulous in it and relishing in the moment of how
      flawlessly it fits you!


      An incredible modern tradition

      A “first look” is when the couple sees each other privately on their wedding, before the wedding ceremony. It is a private moment where you reveal your beauty to your beau and share a quiet, intimate moment away from the eyes of family and friends. A first look affords a wonderful and unparalleled photography opportunity but it also serves as a moment to breathe, reflect, and prepare for the ceremony. Additionally, the first look is very helpful to sooth the nerves. After all, who better to calm you down than the one going through it with you?

      Personal vows

      The First Look can also be combined with private vows — where you read your vows to each other in privacy.

      I miss you even when you are beside me.
      I dream of your body even when you are sleeping in my arms.