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A Late-Afternoon Escape

My Engagement and Anniversary sessions are aesthetic adventures, excursions to seek out exquisite images without losing any of the naturalness which makes you who you are.

My sessions consist of two hour on-location shoots, beginning two hours before sunset.

Engagement sessions offer the ideal opportunity to explore the hairstyles and makeup you’ve been dreaming about, and to become at ease with the camera before the wedding day.

Anniversary sessions present an escape from everyday life and rekindle your romance, either in sweet, sun-soaked Cyprus or a destination of your choosing.

My sessions are explorations designed to discover – and capture – the authentic moment. Think of it as a conversation between you, the landscape, and the lens.

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Our guide to an unforgettable engagement & anniversary session

No. 1


“You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours. – Italo Calvino”

Each couple has a geographical history: a map of beloved destinations, past and present. Choose what is particular and meaningful to you, whether a ruin in Cyprus, the chalk cliffs of Étretat, or a palazzo in Venice. If you’d like to come to Cyprus, we’d be delighted to recommend a few of our favourite locations.


  • A location of breathtaking natural beauty
  • A refined metropolitan quartier
  • A European destination you’ve always meant to visit
  • A corner of Cyprus to make your own



“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” ― Rachel Zoe

Clothes are eloquent testaments to who you are – the choice of what to wear is entirely yours. We like to pair locations with your wardrobe so please bring several outfits. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’d be happy to offer sartorial suggestions as to pairing, colour palette, and overall styling. We have also created some Pinterest boards full of engagement inspiration!


  • At least two outfits
  • Refined casual, classic chic, metropolitan dressy, haute-casual, timeless formal



“You can find the entire cosmos lurking in its least remarkable objects.” ― Wisława Szymborska

Whether your passion is playing the violin or sailing, objects tell your story. A family heirloom, a handful of poppies, the woven blanket you found in Tlaxcala – props help build the consummate mise en scène.


  • Your favorite bubbly and two glasses
  • Renting a sailboat, scooter or vintage car
  • Your pet or other animals, such as horses

Engagement inspiration from our Pinterest


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